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 Clan Bloodthorn Guild Charter

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PostSubject: Clan Bloodthorn Guild Charter   Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:44 pm

Bloodthorn Charter

Clan Bloodthorn actively searches for casual and mature gamers over the age of 18 who will uphold the basic tenets of the guild as a whole.

These basic tenets are:

A Bloodthorn should never be afraid to ask a guild mate for help, or to offer it in return.

A Bloodthorn should find a way to contribute to the overall well being of the guild..

A Bloodthorn should at all times conduct themselves in game in a way that brings credit upon the guild.

A Bloodthorn is not primarily motivated by experience points and loot.

A Bloodthorn communicates clearly and maturely, and will be self-aware enough to monitor his or her own language..

Clan Bloodthorn is an EST-timezone guild. Events will be planned to coincide with a schedule based upon typical availability of players based in that timezone. This distinction is made only for the basis of planning, and does not exclude or should be considered as discouragement for players based in other timezones.

Guild Communications

The official means for communication between the Guild and Guildmembers is the Clan Bloodthorn Website, www.clanbloodthorn.com Guild policies, events, and other information will be provided to Guildmembers through this resource. Guildmembers are expected to regularly read and participate.

In-game communications will be maintained through the guild Ventrillo server, which will be passord protected. Members are expected to protect the security of the shared chat channel passwords and not disclose them. The sole method of distribution will be through the Clan BloodthornWebsite. Passwords are not to be given out in-game. If Ventrillo passwords are suspected to be compromised, please inform a Guild Officer as soon as possible.


Clan Bloodthorn is based upon exceptional trust in its members. Please remember that your actions reflect not only on yourself, but on your fellow Guild members as well. The Guild expects and requires the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and good gamesmanship from its members at all times.

The Guild asks that Guildmembers keep communications in "public" channels (such as /say, /shout, /ooc, and /guild) civil and free of objectional or offensive content and sexual innuendo.

The Guild would also remind its members to keep a level head. On-line communications do not carry the same emotional and non-verbal content and cues that verbal or face-to-face communications have. Be aware of what you write, and how it may be interpreted. Don't take a bad day out on your fellow Guildmates or players - they don't know how you're feeling unless you communicate!

Be aware that in-game communications are not reliable. Other players may not receive them or may be unable to respond for any number of reasons. The Guild encourages communication between its members, and would ask that you give special consideration and priority to other Guild members when chatting; however, please respect other Guild members and realize that they may be unable to respond, or may need time to themselves.


Clan Bloodthorn highly values its membership. For this reason, we respectfully ask that members please contact the Guild leadership before choosing to deguild. We want your Guild experience to be a fun and positive one, and would like the opportunity to attempt to resolve any differences that our members may have.


Clan Bloodthorn extends membership to individuals, not characters.

Clan Bloodthorn Recruitment Process

Applicants are expected to familiarize themselves with the Guild polices and the recruitment process before applying.

The next step is to visit both the Membership Information and Application Section of the Clan Bloodthorn Forums. Register an account, and then cut and paste the Application Form stickied at the top of the forum into a new post. Answer the questions to the best of your ability prior to posting.

Once an application is received, we will likely contact you in-game through /tells for a short casual chat, or ask you to join us on our Ventrillo server in order to determine that there is a fit between both parties before the guild invitation will be offerred.

Once your application is accepted, you are considered a "Recruit" of Clan Bloodthorn. Other guild ranks will be attainable through meritorious actions.

Clan Bloodthorn's policy is to promote from within.


Clan Bloodthorn encourages cooperation between its members, and desires strongly that Guild members work out problems among themselves. However, in cases where this is not practical or desirable, arbitration may be requested. Contact a Guild Offficer or the Guild Leader to make arrangements for an arbitration meeting.


One of the most common difficulties in player interaction is the division of treasure. The game can make this process extremely difficult, and what is just can often be very different from what is fair. It is our desire that members be honorable in their division of treasure and keep in mind that the value of “virtual" goods is not worth strife and contention.

Clan Bloodthorn is not a DKP guild, nor is it a guild primarily motivated by loot in general. We expect you to show a healthy respect for your guild mates and what their character may need, or what may be class specific to them. An honor system will be encouraged, and enforced.


Clan Bloodthorn is an Order guild, with alliances yet to be determined. We will eventually found a Chaos guild called the Bloodthorn Cult on a different Warhammer Online server to accommodate alts and players only wanting to play in the Chaos faction. The relationship between these two guilds will be civil, as it will be the same guild seperated only by faction. We will be on opposite servers, so talking tactics with Chaos toons in Bloodthorn Cult will be allowed, and encouraged.
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Clan Bloodthorn Guild Charter
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