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 About Clan Bloodthorn...

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PostSubject: About Clan Bloodthorn...   Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:47 am

Clan Bloodthorn
A U.S.-based Order guild [RvR] [Server TBD]
Currently accepting applications

Clan Bloodthorn is a casual gaming community comprised of a group of mature gamers who know what it is to balance life and gaming...And due to those obstacles, we want our game time to be both productive and enjoyable. We strive to provide a positive gaming experience for our members that encourages being social and helpful in a stress-free environment.

Clan Bloodthorn is a socially-driven guild...We firmly believe that the closer we become as players, the more effective we will become on the battlefield. As a casual guild, we place more importance on experiencing all Warhammer has to offer at the natural pace the guild will take on over time. To us, it is not about rushing to level cap and burning out on end-game content in record time.

Clan Bloodthorn recruits the people behind the characters.

People seeking membership should be aware of a few of Clan Bloodthorn's Basic Tenets:

- A Bloodthorn should never be afraid to ask a guild mate for help, or to offer it in return.
- A Bloodthorn should find a way to contribute to the overall well being of the guild..
- A Bloodthorn should at all times conduct themselves in game in a way that brings credit upon the guild.
- A Bloodthorn is not primarily motivated by experience points and loot.

Guild Summary:

Guild Name: Clan Bloodthorn
Guild Website: www.clanbloodthorn.com
Main Time Zone: [EST]
Guild Leader or Recruiter: Dominus Leo

About Us:

We are a casual guild, who will actively seek mature members over the age of 18. We're socially-driven, and promote an environment where the journey is as important as the destination. We do not dictate timelines or schedules, and we promote an honor-based looting system over complicated DKP-type systems.

We actively foster a helplful environment to ensure our members enjoy their limited game time. We strive to avoid the drama that mires down most other guilds by keeping a strict recruiting policy in place, We will always value quality over quantity in our membership.

Guild category: RvR/PVP
Roleplay: No
Voice: Yes, Ventrillo
Recruiting status: Currently open to all Order races and Careers.
Server type: RvR - Core Ruleset
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About Clan Bloodthorn...
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